• Aviso de Inundación

    San Jacinto, TX

    914 AM CDT Sun May 19 2019

    The Flood Warning continues for
    The Trinity River at Riverside
    * until further notice or until the warning is canceled.
    * At 0901 AM Sunday the stage was 135.8 feet.
    * Minor flooding is occurring and Moderate flooding is forecast.
    * Flood stage is 133.5 feet.
    * Forecast...The river will continue rising to near 136.1 feet by Friday
    morning. Additional rises may be possible thereafter.
    * At 136.0 feet...Moderate lowland flooding begins in the vicinity of the gage.
    The lowest homes in the Green Rich Shores Subdivision are flooded and Thomas
    Lake Road is inundated and impassable. Low roads in the Deep River Plantation
    Subdivision are inundated. The lowest roads into properties off FM 980
    northwest of Riverside are inundated and the lowest buildings are threatened.

    Flood Observed Forecast 6 AM
    Location Stage Stage Day Time Mon Tue Wed Thu

    Trinity River
    Riverside 133.5 135.8 Sun 09 AM 135.7 135.7 135.8 135.9

    LAT...LON 3097 9584 3096 9562 3093 9528 3082 9528 3087 9562 3088 9584


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